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Here at Suncoast Films we offer an expert window tinting service no matter what your requirements.
With over 22 years hands-on experience we have seen this industry develop and change over the years and have been perfectly placed to adapt to the new window film technologies.
We offer a range of products that can block heat, provide privacy, reduce glare and improve the look of glass for both your car, home or office.

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Our View On Window Tinting

Like many trades, installing window film is an art. A developed skill. It takes years of continual practice to become a master craftsman.

Every car is different. Glass shape and size, trim, rear decks, headrests, multiple expensive electronics etc. all change from vehicle to vehicle. There is no substitution for an experienced installer. 
However, window tinting has not been excluded from technological advancements. Precision cut software is a system for digitally imaging and cutting patterns for window tint and paint protection film. A computer and a plotter use the software to cut windows on thousands of different vehicles. Because every glass is different, we utilize skilled hand cutting in conjunction with the plotter cut patterns to ensure an extremely accurate fit.

Our mounting solution is prepared with reverse osmosis/deionized water to eliminate any impurities. To ensure the best quality install you must control the environment as much as possible. Never have a vehicle tinted outdoors. We have a very clean indoor air-conditioned facility which is prepped daily to keep dust and particles down to a minimum.

The vehicle is prepped by cleaning all outside glass and covering any electronics that are in proximity to any moisture. We use a combination of suede drop clothes, microfiber towels and microfiber ropes to protect the vehicle’s interior. Patterns are cut on the plotter then carefully augmented by hand to fit each window perfectly. No razors touch the glass during the process. Each window is shrunk. The glass is cleaned thoroughly using a proprietary solution and the film is applied.

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Computer Cut Patterns

We don't lay a blade anywhere near your car with our Llumar Precision Cut System. Our database of patterns is vast and ever expanding as new car models are introduced. The piece of mind provided by our computerized cutting system appeals to our customers who trust in the technology and the risk reduction provided by systems such as this.

Did You Know?

For a comfortable ride, you’ve considered your tires. You may have chosen the seat style you prefer. But what about your windows? When it comes to riding in total comfort, there may be nothing as important as upgrading your glass. Quality tinting can make a car’s interior more comfortable with less strain on the AC, not to mention the driver’s eyes.

Installation Policy

We advocate for the highest level of quality work and customer service. That is why we use LLumar premium films. Our product is backed by a comprehensive, nation-wide lifetime warranty through the manufacturer. We guarantee that our window films will not delaminate, fade, crack, craze, distort or peel. Our workmanship is guaranteed to be 99% free of any defects.

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