The affordable defense against the heat of the Florida sun and the UV rays that accompany it.


Residential Film

The harsh Florida sun can affect your home in many ways. Damaging rays can not only heat up rooms to unbearable levels but also fade and destroy floors, carpet, furiniture and pictures. 

The amount of heat allowed to pass through conventional house windows can be extreme. High performance window films by LLumar can reject up to 82% of the total solar energy. This drastically reduces the amount of heat allowed to penetrate your windows alleviating strain on your HVAC unit. Leading to a comfortable home that saves you money on energy consumption.

Residential films are generally reflective or dual reflective which aid in the bouncing of rays off the window instead of passing through the glass. At the
same time the film is blocking 99% UV rays to combat fading of wood floors, rugs and furniture.

There are many shades to choose from depending on your needs. Many people do not want to lose their natural light or worry about hindering a beautiful view. The tint does not need to be very dark to achieve a high level of heat rejection or glare reduction. In fact it will only enhance the view by knocking down glare and creating a sharp crisp perspective.

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